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Welcome to Christian Sportscasters United, a group of sportscasters dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ through word and action!  We are committed to using the platform God gave us to share His Word and His love to any and all who will listen.  In addition, we take time to support one another and strengthen  each other with the knowledge of the trials and tribulations that are sometimes unique to the profession.  Juggling time, family, stress, and other distractions that go along with being a sportscaster plus finding time for God, can be difficult.  From inspirational words from fellow Christian sportscasters, to daily devotionals, to a forum where you can connect with other Christian sportscasters, we are here to help you balance work with what it is God has in mind for you.  Truly we are Christian Sportscasters United.


Breaking Down the Faith Barrier

Exodus 4:1-13

A faith barrier is made up of attitudes that short-circuit our trust and prevent us from obeying the Lord's will. A negative self-image can hinder us in this way, as can ignorance of God's character and promises. Three other attitudes can also trip us up: doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and fear of failure.

Moses doubted that the Israelites would believe he had been chosen by the Lord to lead them. But God graciously provided reassurance--in the form of evidence that He could accomplish everything He'd promised (Ex. 4:1-5). When doubt invades our minds, it can be overcome with diligent study of Scripture and persistent prayer, which will dislodge uncertainty and replace it with biblical truth.

Moses wasn't eloquent, and a perceived lack of skill left him feeling inadequate for the job--he was afraid trying to speak would make him stumble. God patiently reassured him of divine help in that task. The Lord often chooses unlikely people to carry out His plan because He looks at the heart, not human qualifications (1 Sam. 16:7). He can overcome all our inadequacies.

Sadly, Moses did not embrace what God promised but instead asked to be relieved of the assignment. A fear of failure can prevent us from saying yes to the Lord.

Carrying out God's will requires a heart that trusts Him, a soul that steps out in obedience, and a mind that leaves success or failure to Him. As we break down the faith barrier, we will be able to see the evidence of God's presence and power--and experience the joy of obedience.

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